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   Clever Covers    L ampshade Slipcovers
        handcrafted by
        Ariana Barron

These pleated lampshade slipcovers adjust to fit over an existing lampshade. Made out of beautiful vinyl coated  wallpaper*, when placed over a lampshade, they take on it's shape. Clever Covers work on any type of lampshade, from traditional to square, to bell-shaped and even a drum shade. It's an easy fix if you want to change the look of your decor or upgrade a dusty, discolored lampshade. 
Simply untie the satin ribbon and slip over the lampshade. Retie the ribbon and voila! A whole new look.
There are 2 sizes to choose from-
9" h (adjustable width) 
12" h (adjustable width) 
If your existing shade ranges from 5 to 9 inches in height, you'll choose a 9" Clever Cover. If your existing shade ranges from 9 - 12 inches in height, you'll choose a 12" Clever Cover. Just tighten the ribbon to adjust height of the Clever Cover. It's fine if the Clever Cover is longer than your shade; the covers are meant to be used as a slipcover. In fact, a Clever Cover that is a few inches bigger than your existing shade - especially if the shade is too small for the lamp - can transform the proportions of your lamp and create a much more proportional, balanced look - in an instant!

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*Clever Covers Wallpaper Purchased at:
Wicked Awesome Paint & Wallpaper
848 Lafayette Rd.
Hampton, NH 03842
(603) 929-1717

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